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Professional Services for the Legal Profession . . .



Achieving successful client relations and sustained profitability requires repeatable client management processes

  • What is the plan or strategy for your firm to incorporate client management as part continuing education for professionalism?

  • Is your client management process formal or informal?

  • How are you being intentional in client development, client care, client service, and client retention?

  • What is your process for managing and resolving client issues as they occur to avoid complaints?

Typical Challenges for Successful Business Development in the Legal Profession

You provide highly skilled legal expertise and are committed to continuing education in your respective field. However, what priority is given to learning, developing, and training for you and your staff in “how” to develop a financially successful firm?

Does your firm struggle with:

  • Marketing and advertising which fails to provide a steady flow of new clients?
  • Exceptional service failing to provide repeat business and referrals?
  • Understanding and adopting attitudes, behaviors, and skills for successful business development?

What Has Been Your Commitment to Professionalism in Client Development?

Most attorneys have had little or no prior learning or training specific to client development/management, which are essential skills to expand their portfolios and grow their income. At Sandler, we help you overcome the stigma of selling, by educating and developing no-pressure, systemic, repeatable processes for client development, client care, and client retention. Sandler has established processes as the cornerstone for client and peer referrals, expanding client relationships, and sustained, profitable growth for your firm

Sandler provides the system, process, advanced communication techniques and methodology for business development skills for attorneys and legal staff, to include:

  • Avoiding unpaid legal consulting
  • Advanced communication techniques to establish professional rapport and trust
  • Developing new connections and growing your client base
  • Asking for and increasing client and peer referrals
  • Qualifying or dis-qualifying prospective clients more quickly
  • Managing client conversations to achieve a commitment and not “shop” legal services
  • Achieving a clear future and actionable results when meeting prospective clients
  • Avoiding “realization” – getting paid for billable hours

Selling isn't a dirty word.

You can develop your law firm’s business in a professional, respectful manner.

The operations within your firm probably revolve around certain systems and processes —but what are the systems and processes used for new client development and management? Chances are, you are much more comfortable, competent, and consistent in delivering your legal services than in “selling” your legal services

'Selling' can become a respectable and profitable part of your law firm, without you or your colleagues sounding like 'stereotypical salespeople.' You don't need to resort to high-pressure, cost-justified, feature/benefit laden presentations trying to convince, or dance around prospective clients' stalls and objections, or pushing to 'close the deal.'

You can integrate the same creative, organizational, analytical, and communication skills required as an attorney into effective processes and systems to identify, qualify, and develop new clients.

Nobody ever told me that I would have to sell.

It’s one of the top statements we hear from attorneys. Sandler will help your firm create a business development plan that is as effective as you are at delivering your expertise.

At Sandler, we believe professional business development skills:

  • Give you more control of your career, and firm’s future.
  • Make you more valuable to your clients while increasing your firm’s net profits and income.
  • Make you a more well-rounded professional and increase your confidence and abilities in managing client opportunities and conflicts.

Sandler Works for Attorneys and Legal Staff!

Sandler has served thousands of attorneys, from solo, small, and large firms, in the US with training in business development, client management, and leadership, since 1968. Sandler developed specialized programs and published the book, Selling Professional Services, The Sandler Way (2014), to support attorneys and legal staff.

Sandler helps attorneys, firms and legal staff to:

  • Find more of your ideal clients and initiate no-pressure conversations
  • Establish professional rapport and trust through an open, honest exchange of information
  • “Qualify or “disqualify” prospective clients, securing commitments before spending unbillable time and costly resources
  • Enhance professionalism by establishing the correct conduct, behaviors and attitudes for client management and client retention
  • Meet and exceed financial goals and sustained profitable results
Book, Professional Service 3D

Selling Legal and other Professional Services

Must-have information for law firm partners and other professional service providers. "Business development," "practice development," "client retention…"- no matter what you call it; you need sales skills to do it successfully!

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At Sandler, the stigma of selling and developing no-pressure, systemic, repeatable client development, and prospecting plans to achieve sustained, profitable growth and success for your firm.